Can't change deeppavlov/utils/settings/server_config.json file

I am trying to change host and port numbers, however, when I manually open the deeppavlov/utils/settings/server_config.json and change those two paratmetrs and run the following command:

!python -m deeppavlov riseapi /content/test.json

I still see that the changes I made are not taken place, and it is still running

Uvicorn running on [](

I wanted it run with the following parameters:

"host": "",
"port": 8000,

The reason i wanted to do this way is that i am getting the following error

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

How to overcome this issue?


I think that you are editing not server_config from DeepPavlov package other than installed in environment. Could you please execute !python -c 'import deeppavlov;print(deeppavlov.__file__)'? Do you edit server_config in the same deeppavlov directory?