Doubt regarding .deeppavlov model file downloading

Hi guys, i am new to deeppavlov, i am trying to build a model that helps in intent slot recognization for a custom app where i use deepavlov as well, instead of downloading .deepavlov folder -->

(Ner_model = build_model(configs.ner.ner_ontonotes_bert_mult,download=True))

where should i make a change so tht the model will refer to a path that has been specified instead of looking for a default place to take the .deeppavlov folder from there. please let me know how i can proceed with that thanks.

Hi @thickstat,
You can change the metadata.variables.ROOT_PATH value of the config:

import json
from deeppavlov import configs, build_model

with'utf8') as f:
    ner_config = json.load(f)
ner_config['metadata']['variables']['ROOT_PATH'] = './deeppavlov_data'

ner_model = build_model(ner_config, download=True)

Or you can set an environment variable DP_ROOT_PATH to the path you want to use, it will override the ROOT_PATH variable in the config.

Thanks for reply @yoptar ,let me try and get back to you.