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Welcome to the DeepPavlov Community Forum

Hi, great to have you with us!
We make DeepPavlov – an open source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots.

DeepPavlov Library

DeepPavlov is a conversational AI library that contains all the components required for building chatbots. It was originally developed on the top open source machine learning frameworks: TensorFlow and Keras, and is currently in the process of migration to PyTorch and it’s free and easy to use. More details at docs.

DeepPavlov Annotators

DeepPavlov Annotators is a set of ML models for solving various NLP problems such as entity extraction, sentiment determination, etc. These annotators can be used both independently and to create simple (based on the DFF SDK) and complex (based on DeepPavlov Dream) bots in the DeepPavlov technology stack.
In this forum you can ask any question concerning Annotators.

DeepPavlov Agent

DeepPavlov Agent is an open-source framework for the development of scalable and production-ready multi-skill virtual assistants, complex dialogue systems and chatbots.
For more details, please visit site.

Dialog Flow Engine

Dialog Flow Engine (DFE) allows you to write conversational services. The service is written by defining a special dialog graph that describes the behavior of the dialog service. The dialog graph contains the dialog script. DFE offers a specialized language (DSL) for quickly writing dialog graphs. You can use it in such services for writing skills for Amazon Alexa and etc, chat-bots for social networks, websites call-centers and etc.

Dialog Flow SDK

The DF SDK is a framework for creating simple scenario bots based on DFF and DeepPavlov Annotators.

DeepPavlov Dream

DeepPavlov Dream is our AI Assistant and dev tools. With it, you will be able to build simple and sophisticated AI Assistants . It stays on the shoulders of both DP Library and DP Agent , and brings a plethora of custom skills, skill and response selectors, as well as the entire examples of the end-to-end AI assistants.
For more details, please visit site.

Dialog Flow Framework

Dialog Flow Framework is a free and open-source python software stack for creating chatbots, released under the terms of Apache License 2.0. Using the framework, you can quickly create your own solution for dialog systems.

DF Designer

DF Designer is our extension for VS Code, which allows you to visually develop scenario bots based on the DF SDK and scenario skills based on DeepPavlov Dream. DF Designer will allow you to prepare as much as possible for the first contact with users, relying on the system of recommendations for conducting a dialogue, and then, based on the statistics of the real system, quickly adapt to the management of the dialog system in production.

DeepPavlov Dream Builder

DP-Builder is a graphical interface for creating and configuring multi-skill AI assistants, built on top of DeepPavlov.

Schools & Hackatons

We are the DeepPavlov framework. We organize NLP courses and summer schools and invite leading researchers of the field to give lectures and seminars. In this category, you’ll find out about our events.