DeepPavlov as a multi-tenant service


I am using DeepPavlov FAQ ( to answer FAQs.

I would like to use it as a multi-tenant service (rise), such that each tenant has its own set of FAQ, for example for all Apache Software Foundation projects:

How could I achieve this?



Hey Michael,

Than you very much for interest in our FAQ models!

Basically there are few steps to achieve your goals

  1. Make a copy of FAQ config file for each tenant.
  2. Alter them according to your needs. Provide training data file in the dataset_reader section.
  3. Train the models.
  4. Finally, you can run them as follows python -m deeppavlov riseapi deeppavlov/configs/faq/tfidf_logreg_en_faq.json -d -p [port]
    where [port] is a unique port number for each tenant.

More about REST API you can find here

Let me know if you need further assistance.


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Hi Vasily

Thanks very much for your reply and instructions!

I was hoping that I could run it in one instance, using some unique ID for each tenant in the REST call.

But of course I can use a table to map the tenant ID onto a particular port.

All the best


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Hi Michael!

Please share with us your progress :slight_smile: Would love to try how the final system work.

Best regards,
Mikhail Burtsev

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