Problem with running the deeppavlov agent

Hi all,
after a successful installation of the module, I’m trying to launch the agent running the following command according to the docs.

python -m -ch http_client -p 4242 -pl pipeline_conf.json -db db_conf.json -rl -d

The response is: error: argument -d/–debug: ignored explicit argument 'b’

I have read the source code and I noticed that the argument -db doesn’t exists!!
This is the snippet of interested code of

parser.add_argument(’-pl’, ‘–pipeline_configs’, help=‘Pipeline config (overwrite value, defined in settings)’,
type=str, action=‘append’)
parser.add_argument("-ch", “–channel”, help=“run agent in telegram, cmd_client or http_client”, type=str,
choices=[‘cmd_client’, ‘http_client’, ‘telegram’], default=‘cmd_client’)
parser.add_argument(’-p’, ‘–port’, help=‘port for http client, default 4242’, default=4242)
parser.add_argument(’-c’, ‘–cors’, help=‘whether to add CORS middleware to http_client’,
action=‘store_true’, default=None)
parser.add_argument(’-d’, ‘–debug’, help=‘run in debug mode’, action=‘store_true’)
parser.add_argument(’-tl’, ‘–time_limit’, help=‘response time limit, 0 = no limit’, type=int, default=0)

So after reading I’have tried to run only

python -m

since all the other configs are seated by default, but now I have this error

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'db_conf.json’

I don’t know how run the service.
Thanks in advice

You can add db_conf.json in your work directory

├── db_conf.json
└── pipeline_conf.json

and run by this command

python -m -ch http_client -p 4242 -pl pipeline_conf.json