Training a goal oriented bot based on the gobot_extended_tutorial

Hi, new to the forum and using DeepPavlov in general. I followed the tutorial on Github:

I’ve created my own data, structured in the same way as the dstc2 dataset, with the exception of the api calls to a db.sqlite database. I’ve removed the db entry from the gobot_config and created a slotfill that works for the dataset I’ve created.

My problem is that when I train this modified bot it fails to navigate a conversation similar to the select restaurant scenario, every input results in the bot outputting the first line of the training data (equivalent to: “Hello, welcome to the Cambridge restaurant system. You can ask for restaurants by area, price range or food type. How may I help you?”) Are there any obvious errors that I’ve made or steps I haven’t considered, when modifying the tutorial to work with new data?


Thanks for trying out our Go-Bot. In the last few months we’ve started making changes in our Go-Bot that are focused on supporting RASA DSLs (currently v1, soon v2):,, and domain.yml to make configuration of key components of a goal-oriented bot simple and easy to use.

Take a look at this tutorial:

In addition to that we’ve started transitioning Go-Bot into a framework for building goal-oriented Skills for our DeepPavlov Dream which enables you building Multiskill AI Assistants.

We’ve just showcased an example of such goal-oriented skill built using Go-Bot based on RASA DSLs at ODSC West 2020 and at ML Conf EU. In our demo we’ve got our harvesters maintenance skill from Deepy 3000 Demo (see at, check out branch “moonbase_ai_demo”) and re-implemented it with the Go-Bot built one.

We’ll release a public version of the said demo in the coming weeks, and we ask you to stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to learn how to build your goal-oriented bot with our DeepPavlov Dream and Go-Bot.

Daniel Kornev,