Interaction with go_bot model

I have been trying to work with Deeppavlov for two months, and I have some problems when I try to interact with the go_bot model in the linux terminal.
I have installed all the requirements by doing typing this command : python -m deeppavlov install gobot_dstc2
When I try to interact with the goal oriented bot using : python -m deeppavlov interact <path_to_config> [-d] ( with the path specified of course)
I get this error :

If you can help me understand why the terminals outputs this error thank you.
I have also another question : The tutorials that have been on the github repository have been deleted because of the new version 0.3.0, does it mean that they don’t work anymore ?

Thank you in advance for your answer :slight_smile:


I ran python3 -m deeppavlov install gobot_dstc2 and python3 -m deeppavlov interact gobot_dstc2 -d workd fine.

Do you have the following log message

[loading vocabulary from /home/vimary/.deeppavlov/models/slotfill_dstc2/tag.dict]


Please check that tag.dict on the path exists and is not empty.

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Hi !

Thank you for your answer!
I fixed this problem, but now I got another error

I don’t know how to fix this problem, thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:
I am running these commands in the jupyter terminal is it the way it should be done or not ?

Have you upgraded to a new DeepPavlov version? Is your error still rising?

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Yes I did that, and eveyrthing worked, thank you very much !

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