DeepPavlov Deepy 3000

At the beginning of September, we have launched a public demo of our AI Assistant called Dream, built on top of our original AlexaPrize 2019 DREAM Socialbot. Today, we’re sad :disappointed_relieved: to announce what we had to disable this public demo because we are participating in Alexa Prize 2020 challenge and can’t keep the same bot running both publicly.

But at the same time, we’re thrilled to announce :tada: a new public demo and repo - Deepy 3000 :robot: as the simple Multiskill AI Assistant with just two skills (goal-oriented one, written using our Go-Bot framework, and a chit-chat one, written using AIML), and a few annotators.

Learn more :man_technologist: about the possibilities and distributions of Deepy in our new article at DeepPavlov blog.

Feel free to try it :star:.