DP Dream default demo

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well !

I am reviewing DeepPavlov and DeepPavlov-Agent, now 2-3 days, and I am still struggling to find a way to get all your demos components (ODQA, insults and others) to work behind dp-agent.

Is there a way to create a branch and provide such example ? It would be easier for new users/customers to grasp the potential of your stack.

Seriously, I am still puzzled despite reading all the documentations but I feel the huge potential of DeepPavlov ^^.


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First of all, I think it’s a better idea to ask this question in our Dream forum. Our Community Manager will move this question there. DeepPavlov Dream is precisely what you’ve said - a project focused on combining our components together as an example of a coherent AI Assistant.

Second, dp-dream-demos is our primary repo with demos, and we will continue updating it with more examples as the time will go.

Third, feel free to ask more specific questions, as well as join our TG group to ask detailed questions in a closer to real-time mode!