Differences between products

I’m new to the DeepPavlov.ai and I just can’t figure it out: what is the differences DeepPavlov , dp-agent and dp-dream
What is the use cases for each one of them?

" DeepPavlov Agent is a framework for development of scalable and production ready multi-skill virtual assistants, complex dialogue systems and chatbots." source

" DeepPavlov Dream is a platform for development of scalable and production ready multi-skill virtual assistants ." source

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Hi Adamch!

Sure thing, let me provide you an answer.

DeepPavlov Library is a set of generic NLP components built to solve a large variety of NLP tasks, including but not limited to Entity Extraction, Entity Linking, ODQA & KBQA, Emotion, Sentiment, Toxicity Classification, and so on.

DeepPavlov Agent is an Orchestrator that enables building AI Assistants. You can think of it as a specialized version of a business orchestrator like one provided by a BizTalk Server.

DeepPavlov Dream is both our AI Assistant and a set of skills and other high-level components that allow one to build AI assistants. It uses DeepPavlov Library’s basic NLP components in its pipeline, and uses DeepPavlov Agent as the Conversational AI Orchestrator.

Does it make sense to you?

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It does make a little bit more sense, but still: If I want to develop a chatbot that deals with a variety of topics, I should look at DeepPavlov Agent?

Well, your best best is to clone dp-dream-demos and start from it. It’ll give you the best version of Agent to orchestrate your conversation, as well as a demo skill to begin building your chatbot.

You can also check out moonbase-ai-demo branch in the repo for a more advanced example.