Question Answering Models

Hi, I am interested in question answering models. I tried demo version in your site and it works pretty well for my document. But when I downloaded model from your library, it is not working as good as it iwas in demo version. Can you tell me what is problem?

Could you provide some more information?
What was the demo that you have tried? And, what model was downloaded and how you run it? here I submit my document and it was worked well, I after I downloaded two models model_qa = build_model(configs.squad.squad_bert, download=True) and model = build_model(configs.squad.squad, download=True)
and when I submit the same document and ask the same question sometimes it does not answer the correct answer.

Could you try to use configs.squad.squad_bert_infer instead and then call model([context], [question])

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Ok Thank you, I will try