Predict_model for squad_bert


I am trying to run predict_model for squad_bert.

I am unable to figure out how to put the file path after the -f switch.

I have used all possible paths but still, it does not find the squad dataset JSON file.

I cannot find any related example.

Any comment will be helpful, Thankyou!

Hey @Shafaq , Thank you for your interest!

That’s true, the squad dataset is downloaded only when you run deeppavlov with train command.

Alternatively, you can download any squad compatible dataset from the Internet, or copy the link from our squad_dataset_reader

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Thankyou @Vasily

I am still confused as to what location the file path points to?

The file path after -f switch should be a location where the squad dataset is? which is to be used for predictions. Can I just download it on my local machine and give a file path something like this C:/Downloads/sqaud/…

This is what I am trying to do by the way!

Best regards

You can find the link here

Thank you!

So I am doing it right. By downloading squad on my local machine and giving a file path to that location.

Okay got it.

I will look into the problem again that why it is erroring out by saying that no file or directory found.