An talk without dialog act in gobot

Hi community. I back with another doubt of an platform. I’m making a gobot model and this have texts that shouldn’t makes a dialog act (an form data, exactly). How I implement this in my model. If someone help, I greeting.
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Hi Gilberto,

Can you provide some examples of your data? It is unclear what you meant by “texts that shouldn’t makes a dialogue act”.

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Of course, I provide an dialog of the data.

{"speaker": 2, "text": "Você quer se identificar ou fazer uma denúnicia anônima?", "dialog_acts": [{"act": "request_id", "slots": []}]}
{"speaker": 1, "text": "denuncia anonima", "goals": {"type_inform": "denuncia"}, "dialog_acts": [{"slots": [], "act": "register"}]}
{"speaker": 2, "text": "Quer fazer uma denúnicia sobre um serviço ou uma empresa?", "dialog_acts": [{"act": "request_entity", "slots": []}]}
{"speaker": 1, "text": "empresa", "goals": {"type_inform": "denuncia", "denounced_entity": "empresa"}, "dialog_acts": [{"slots": [["denounced_entity", "empresa"]], "act": "inform"}]}
{"speaker": 2, "text": "Onde aconteceu esse fato", "dialog_acts": [{"act": "request_local", "slots": []}]}
{"speaker": 1, "text": "rua x, 150, centro, niteroi", "goals": {"type_inform": "denuncia", "denounced_entity": "empresa"}, "dialog_acts": [{"slots": [], "act": "register"}]}
{"speaker": 2, "text": "Qual é o nome da empresa?", "dialog_acts": [{"act": "request_name_entity", "slots": []}]}
{"speaker": 1, "text": "xpto", "goals": {"type_inform": "denuncia", "denounced_entity": "empresa"}, "dialog_acts": [{"slots": [], "act": "register"}]}
{"speaker": 2, "text": "Deseja ser contatado por email sobre o processo?", "dialog_acts": [{"act": "check_email", "slots": []}]}
{"speaker": 1, "text": "sim", "goals": {"type_inform": "denuncia", "denounced_entity": "empresa"}, "dialog_acts": [{"slots": [], "act": "register"}]}
{"speaker": 2, "text": "Informe um email para contato", "dialog_acts": [{"act": "request_email", "slots": []}]}
{"speaker": 1, "text": "", "goals": {"type_inform": "denuncia",  "denounced_entity": "empresa" }, "dialog_acts": [{"slots": [], "act": "inform"}]}

From the provided sample I assume the following: for each dialog act there are multiple texts that express it. Did i get it right?

go_bot model can only train on dialogs where for each dialog_act there is one text expression corresponding to it (not taking in account slot values which should be converted in the form #slot_name).