Best way to add my own dialog manager in go bot?

I am looking to replace the policy network with my own. What I did was take the individual parts, the slot filler, and the templates and tried to use them outside of the ‘chainer’ context. I think in this case I am messing something up with the state tracker. Is there a more straightforward way to do this?

Hi, and welcome to our forums!

If you simply want to change the behavior of the Dialog Manager you can open go_bot class at, dig into _infer() method, and change the way it works with policy_prediction and policy.

Here’s a deeper comment by our very own Oleg:


Note that all the inference logic happens in the _infer method, when we ask policy to predict the correct action (link):

  • we take the features representation of the utterance of type BatchDialoguesFeatures (obtained with extract_features_from_utterance_text a couple of lines above),

  • we feed them (and NN states but that’s sort of legacy) into the policy,

  • and then the policy responds with prediction of type PolicyPrediction.

That’s said, it would be great to implement your enhancements in the following way:

Your own policy will be used instead of the provided one, and:

  • it will be showing the same signatures that ours does. you’ll probably mock all the irrelevant methods via returning smth meaningless, while ensuring that the __call__ method performs the way you want it: i.e. given the utterance info it predicts the action you want it to

  • and since the __call__ method of the policy has a signature that wants a BatchDialoguesFeatures instance, you should also implement your own version of extract_features_from_utterance_text that will return all the info you are using in policy. It seems like your extract_features_from_utterance_text should return smth inherited from BatchDialoguesFeatures to keep proper signatures.

It seems to me that the described above will allow you to as little changes as it is possible: the only method modified in the GoalOrientedBot class is the modification of extract_features_from_utterance_text and the policy that has to be instantiated in the GoalOrientedBot is now yours and not the one we use.


All in all, though, we would love to learn more about your use case. We are working on further updates to the Go-Bot and your feedback would be crucial for us.

Best Regards,

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