Stats collecting in DFF

Hello! Few questions about stats in DFF:

  1. Are there any instruments inside dff to collect and explore stats?

  2. Is it possible to use dff_node_stats with dff?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us! dff_node_stats repo is not supported anymore, so unfortunately you won’t be able to use it. However, we are going to release a new toolchain for statistics collection as a native part of DFF in August. Here is a PR you can monitor to keep yourself up to speed:

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Oh, I see, thanks.
Is df_engine still actual?

No, df_engine is not supported any more

I want to inform you that all df_* projects have been consolidated into one central repository for easier management and accessibility. You can now find all the relevant features at the following GitHub repository: dialog_flow_framework

Please note that the dialog_flow_demo project remains separate and can be accessed through its existing repository.

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