Let's get to know each other!

Hey, great to see you at our Community Forum!

I’m Yara and I do marketing and PR at the iPavlov project. Our main product is DeepPavlov, an opensource library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots.

You must have used or at least heard about DeepPavlov if you’re here, right?
This forum is the perfect platform to share your thoughts about it :slight_smile:

Our communication here will indeed be way more effective if we introduced ourselves to each other first and got to know who makes what, what do you think?

Here’s a very quick questionnaire that will help you and us to get in touch! Tell the Forum:

  1. What’s your name and what’s your project/company?
  2. How did you know about DeepPavlov?
  3. What do you use (or plan using) DeepPavlov for?
  4. What do you like about DeepPavlov and what you don’t?
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Wow seems like I’m the one to kick it off! :slight_smile: Hi, I’m Vadim Polulyah, founder of fastlaw.io. We make smart dialog assistants and complex software solutions for business automation.

I first heard about the iPavlov project a few years ago, when it just started. This is one of the most significant NLP projects currently, and you can use its main product, the DeepPavlov open source library, for building dialog agents and solving other NLP tasks.

We at Fastlaw are using DeepPavlov for document classification and NER. I really think it’s currently the best NLP framework. Thx again, and good luck!


I’m glad to sign up to this forum and I’ll describe the activity of our team (including DeepPavlov usage).
My name is Alexey Goncharov and I am Deputy Head of Machine Intelligence Laboratory in MIPT. We do outsource research in Artificial Intelligence projects for technological companies. Some of our projects are connected to Natural Language Processing topic.
We know about iPavlov project because it is also headed by MIPT Laboratory. Our team makes complex architecture for different projects and they use DeepPavlov library to close some of it’s parts (spell correction, for example).


Hi, I’m Olga, co-founder and CBDO of iPavlov project. We build DeepPavlov library to empower you with state of the art tools for creation of great conversational assistants, so I’m excited to learn about your projects built with DeepPavlov or challenges with conversational AI. I’m open to discuss collaboration opportunities for technology or product development ( kairova@ipavlov.ai ).

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I’m Vasily. I am an NLP engineer at iPavlov developing DeepPavlov an open-source conversation AI library. In addition, I write a lot about DeepPavlov and NLP in general. You might have seen me either on Quora or Medium.


Меня зовут Александр. , мы делаем роботов, проводим исследования исключительно в пользу роботов в AVS Laboratory (R&D)- avslab.ru.

О Вашем проекте узнал из интернета, примерно год назад, когда появилась необходимость научить роботов общаться с человеком.
Мы используем Google As., попробовали Алису Яндекса, теперь добрались до Вас.
Хотим ОЧЕНЬ плотно сотрудничать.
Нравится Open Source, подход, направление работ , больше скажу при личном знакомстве с проектом и его создателями (в Google знакомство не возможно !) . Есть желание делать, что то совместно , возможно силами студентов Физтеха. Ye;ys rflhs))

Hi, my name is Alexey.
We are working on NLP system and want to use DeepPavlov Q/A and other features. I just started to use it so I don’t know a lot yet.
Thank you.