Simple bot in DeepPavlov


I came across a problem while working my way through your ‘Simple bot’ demo:
at this point:
from deeppavlov import train_model

gobot_config[‘train’][‘batch_size’] = 4 # set batch size
gobot_config[‘train’][‘max_batches’] = 30 # maximum number of training batches
gobot_config[‘train’][‘val_every_n_batches’] = 30 # evaluate on full ‘valid’ split every 30 epochs
gobot_config[‘train’][‘log_every_n_batches’] = 5 # evaluate on full ‘train’ split every 5 batches


I get the following error message:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘tensorflow.contrib’

I do have the latest version of Tensorflow installed.
Please tell me how can I fix this.

I have uninstalled Tensorflow 2.2.0 and installed version 1.15.1

Now I get a different error, at the same point in the notebook:

OSError: [E050] Can’t find model ‘en_core_web_sm’. It doesn’t seem to be a shortcut link, a Python package or a valid path to a data directory.

Thank you, and have a great day,

I have solved the problem above by installing ‘en_core_web_sm’ both inside the virtual environment where I am running DeepPavlov, and in my base environment.

The installation was done by running this command:

pip install

I hope this will be helpful for those who might come across this problem.

Hey! Thanks for realtime-update! We’ll add the relevant instructions to the release.

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My pleasure!
Thank you for such a cool library.
I am looking forward to take it for a spin.