Running Bot in Docker

I’ve managed to create my own go_bot and I can interact with it via the riseapi.

When I try to run it with docker using:

docker run -e CONFIG=~/path/to/my/config -p 5555:5000 \
    -v ~/my_dp_logs:/logs \
    -v ~/my_dp_components:/root/.deeppavlov \
    -v ~/my_dp_envs:/venv \

I get this error:
File “/base/DeepPavlov/deeppavlov/core/common/”, line 36, in read_json
with open(fpath, encoding=‘utf8’) as fin:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘config.json’

Is there something else I have to do when specifying a custom model because everything else seems to work?

Hi! It seems that you are misusing CONFIG env. You are trying to feed it with path of your custom config from your host machine while it should contain file name for config which exists in release for image you are trying to launch. You can not use out-of-the-box DeepPavlov Docker images to launch your custom configs, but you can build your own one using DP image as a base.

Is there an example Docker file that I can copy?

Or what exactly do I need to change from the DP image to make it run my custom config?

So I’ve managed to create a Docker image for my go_bot and tried to put the name of the container in for CONFIG but that doesn’t work.

Do I need to link the docker images config file? And if so where is that located?

Sorry I’m misunderstanding!
deeppavlov/base-cpu is for the pre-built deeppavlov images ONLY.
My bad.