Query additional items in the go bot?

I am trying to get a list of options from the go bot from the API query. For example, in the tutorial with restaurants and the user says “I want something cheap” I want the bot to make a query and from this query say “Okay, for cheap restaurants we have Indian, Chinese,… etc” where the options are items in the database.

Additionally, how would one handle a list of objects from one object. For example, if we added a field like ‘top items’ for the restaurant tutorial, the list could be [‘fried rice’, ‘chicken’, ‘beef’] from a restaurant and the agent would reply ‘The restaurant has fried rice, chicken, and beef as their top items’ Where the list can be of variable length.

Hey! Sorry for the delayed response. I’ll need just a little bit more of time to figure out the answer.

I think that the best option is to implement an additional level of nlg dedicated to handling such complications. The idea is to rely on go-bot to choose an action to perform and to properly fill the response with details using some extended nlg logic. You could find relevant the json-based output which outputs not the natural language but the name of action to perform along with the known slots.

The feature seems quite important so we’ll keep this use case in mind :thinking: