How to import package with own class when using CLI


Most of DeepPavlov pretrained models are available via configs which could be used via CLI. However, if I change a config and use my own class somewhere, I do not understand how to tell the framework which package it should import to find a class with specific codename. For example, in AllenNLP framework, which has similar approach, I could use --include_package option. I didn’t find the answer in docs.

I downloaded paraphraser_rubert config and then change dataset reader class name to custom. It is

class DaNetQAYesNoReader(DatasetReader):

In each case of:

"dataset_reader": {
    "class_name": "danetqa_yes_no"

"dataset_reader": {
    "class_name": "data_readers.danetqa_reader.DaNetQAYesNoReader"

I have the same message:

Model "-//-" is not registered

Please, help me to find how to import my datareader to evaluate model.