Apple M1 Support

I started using DeepPavlov about 6 months ago. Love the BERT model!!

My Macbook is dying. Bought an M1 hoping you would support it soon.

Any timeline for supporting it? (Or Should I just wait for windows support in Parallels)?



Excellent question. We don’t currently have any Macbooks with M1 inside, and we don’t currently have plans for supporting it for the time being. However, you can use the built-in x86 support. We’ll add this to our backlog.

Thanks. Debating on going back to x86 MacBook.

Do you know if I get Windows running on the M1 if DeepPavlov would run?

Why do you need Windows in Parallels for DeepPavlov? I’d use Ubuntu 64-bit in VM for that in this case.

No reason. I’m better in Windows than Ubuntu. I’ll get it going in Ubuntu. Thanks for the suggestion.

Will Ubuntu on M1 (arm64) work with Ubuntu? Or do I need a x86?

Ubuntu works on arm64 :slight_smile:

I couldn’t. I tried Ubuntu 18 and 20 in parallels.

The only thing I got working so far was Windows in x86. And that Mac is dying.

On an M1 in Parallels? I’ll try again.