Slavic NER in deeppavlov

On Slavic Bert NER repo it is stated that this model should be a part of deeppavlov framework now. But in the deeppavlov docs about ner, there is a list of available models that does not include this model. And the config for slavic bert cannot be found even in available configs for deeppavlov on the deeppavlov github. I have tried downloading the config file from the original repository and then loading it with

from deeppavlov import build_model
ner = build_model("./ner_bert_slav.json", download=True)

but this fails with error

deeppavlov.core.common.errors.ConfigError: 'Model bert_ner is not registered.'

So is it possible to somehow use slavic bert ner with deeppavlov?

Hey @Honza, Thank you for your interest!

Yes, you can use Slavic NER with DP, but you need to do a small fix. Just replace bert_ner with bert_sequence_tagger in the config file ner_bert_slav.

By the way, you can use slavic ner with the latest DP version, there is no need to use an obsolete 0.3.0.

So basically, just ignore requirements.txt in the repo and do not forget python -m deeppavlov install ner_bert_slav.json

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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