New Release 0.14.0

Announcing New DeepPavlov​ 0.14.0 Release

Hello everyone!
Our DeepPavlov Library 0.14.0 release is out! Our best achievement in the past year :tada:

In this release :

  • we’ve added support for basic Form-Filling as part of GoBot , to enable you to use form-filling in your GoBot-based goal-oriented skills
  • we’ve shipped Intent Catcher
  • we’ve added support of all Transformer-based models from Hugging Face which are working with the DeepPavlov classification pipeline
  • we’ve published our free, open-source Multiskill AI Assistant called Deepy
  • we’ve made some updates and improvements

Feel free to test our new models and tools in actions :hammer_and_wrench:

Read Release Notes In Our Blog :point_down: