Load trained Deeppavlov model using Tensorflow

Hi, thanks for your great library!
I have question: is it possible to load trained deeppavlov model using only tensorflow?
I trained bert classification model and now there are 7 files: checkpoint, classes.dict, model.data-00000-of-00001, model.index, model.meta, train_log, valid_log. I want to load this model using tensorflow, because with tf library I have more opportunities to manage memory of CPU and GPU.

Hi, @ostreech1997,
The model pipeline consists not only of a TensorFlow model itself but also pre-processing and maybe post-processing components depending on a configuration. So I’m afraid it’s impossible to load the whole pipeline using only TensorFlow. I assume that you’re using a classification config and it uses fastText or GloVe embeddings outside of TensorFlow.

Hi, @yoptar!
Thanks for your repsonse)
I’m using rubert_classifier and ner_rus_bert