Is it possible to control resources of computer for train and predict process?

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I have several questuins about the usage of computer resources for train and predict process.
1)Is it possible to manage memory usage of GPU, when we train model and predict by model using GPU? When I try to train model or load and predict after training process, this tasks take almost all memory of GPU, It’s very bad for my chatbot application, because when I run my appliaction, my models are loaded and all GPU memory is busy and another tasks can’t be solved. May be, it is possible to train model using GPU, and predict using CPU? Or may be, there is a way to limit memory usage of train and predict processes?
2) Is it possible to manage usage of CPU, when we train model and predict by model using CPU. I have similar problem as GPU, I want to manage how many cores will be used during training process.
When I train models using CPU, all 16 cores is used. Because of this, during training process, I can’t solve another tasks. Is it possbile to limit number of cores for train process?

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  1. You can limit what GPU devices are visible by a process by using the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variable. You can set it to an empty string to disable GPU usage. But you would have to build your model for inference in a separate process from training as TensorFlow will not release GPU memory until its process is closed.
  2. I don’t think there’s a simple way of limiting CPU usage for a model training. Docker could help with that, I think.

Thanks a lot for your answer!