How to improve the accuracy of intent classification

I am working on a project that uses the GOBOT framework for simple conversations regarding stock informations. E.g., the user will ask a simple question to access the stock price of a company, and the bot gives back the info. Everything is successful except the intent classification part. When I ask the historical price of Apple, gobot will return the answer of realtime price.
I am not assigning these intents to slots. The only slot I have for now is company name. And I was expecting that with different dialogues the intent classifier will help me identify what kind of information the user wants.
I check the config file called: gobot_simple_dstc2, and I found that the intent_classifier is null, I am wondering whether that is the reason why intent is not being classified. What value should I use to effectively take use of the intent classifier? I will appreciate very much if you could help me solve this problem´╝ü

Hey! sorry for the late reply, I started the just started to investigate the case