How is the keyword defined from a query that uses ODQA?

Hi there,

I noticed they keyword when using ODQA with python code. For the ranker part a keyword is given in order to find the correct articles to match the question, in the example from medium it is done like this:

docs = ranker([‘cerebellum’])

Now to me it seems a quite essential part of the ranker, which is why I am wondering how this keyword can be extracted when a user inputs their question/query. Is there a way that DeepPavlov automatically does this or is it optional after all?

Thank you

Hi @kostis95,

I’m not sure I understand your question correctly, but in my understanding the ranker looks for related articles based on the whole question, not a single keyword.

Hi Yoptar,

Well in the example from this medium article:

There is a line which gives the subject it seems:

Hey @kostis95, cerebellum is a query, instead of a single word it can be any string.