General quires regarding Deeppavlov


Thank you for this forum. It really has my back when I get stuck with errors. I hope once again I can get my answers here. I have few questions if you can please answer:
1- Which models can do supervised and unsupervised sentiment analysis?
2-How can a model like gpt-2 or t5 be added?
3-Are there any specific hyperparameters, or I should say a list of maximum hyperparameters that can be passed in a config file?


For the first question about sentiment models. If I understood the question correctly, you are asking about sentiment models available in DeppPavlov. So, we have models for sentiment classification in English (SST, Yelp) and in Russian (Twitter, RuSentiment). You can find info about these models in Table here.

If you want to conduct sentiment analysis in other language, you may try sentiment model trained on SST on top of multi-lingual BERT.

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Hey @dilyararimovna

Thank you so much.

It was really helpful.