DeepPavlovTeam at AIJourney 2019

The 2019 Artificial Intelligence Journey ( AIJourney) is taking place in Moscow this week from November 8 to November 9. Conference with leading international and Russian experts in AI and data analysis, top companies in the development and application of AI in business.

DeepPavlov research being presented at AIJourney poster session:

  • Conversational Language Modelling Improves Text Classification
  • DeepPavlov Agent: multi-purpose chatbot development framework
  • Variational auto-encoder with latent space being a manifold
  • Multi-task Dialogue StateTracking
  • BERT for Multi-Hop Inference Explanation
  • Scaling networks: how to perform hyperparameter search for large models on smaller ones
  • Knowledge Base Question Answering
  • Correlation ana decorrelation of Neurons in Training

Happy to meet and chat with the community! See you there! :rocket::blush:
Full information about posters: