Deeppavlov - how do I make custom intents?

from deeppavlov import build_model, configs

snips_model = build_model(configs.classifiers.intents_snips , download=True)
snips_model(["Hello! What is the weather in Boston tomorrow?"])

Hello All - I can use deeppavlov’s pretrained model above for intent classification with pre-created intents. However, I want to use deeppavlov to create my own intent classification model with my own intents and own text. There will be 5 to 7 total intents.

How would I go about doing this?

ie sample data i’ve got with text and intents

Where is McDonald's?, resturant
What is the weather today, weather
Where is the closest Burger King?, restaurant
Is it sunny today?, weather
What is the temperature today?, weather


First of all, you need to save your data to csv file. Then you can simple make a copy of the configuration file (like configs.classifiers.intents_snips), and change path to data (dataset_reader.data_path to the directory with train.csv, valid.csvof your new data), load_pathandsave_pathfor model itself (variableMODELS_PATH`).
And now you can simple run training using this config.