Example of DeepPavlov_Agent-based project is needed

Hi! Did anyone make any projects with DP_Agent? Can someone please leave an example here?
I tried to find examples, but found nothing, a project to explore would be great.

Hi Sergulli, and welcome aboard!

Excellent question. Have you read the docs?

The biggest (and most exciting!) test of the DP Agent-based socialbot has been recently done by the DeepPavlov’s very own Alexa Prize team. Our agent with more than 20 different goal-oriented, open-chat, and retrieval skills was up and running for US Alexa users between October 2019 and mid-May 2020.

Our team is looking forward towards making this implementation open-sourced in the coming months following the end of the Alexa Prize 2020 Challenge.

However, I encourage you to build the simplest version of your Agent by following these docs.

Feel free to ask questions in this topic. We’ll be happy to help!

Yes, I have read the docs, and they do not contain an example of Agent implementation.
Attributes like " Pipeline Config Description" are non-obvious, because parameters of one are not specified enough inside the docs.
There is no “example” inside those docs, there is an “abstract template”. And I’d really appreciate an “example” - implementation of that “abstract template”, ya feel me?
Thank you for understanding and your help in advance!

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Hi Sergulli!

Sorry for answering that late. You are right, there is a need to have a simple pipeline config for a primitive AI assistant built on top of the DeepPavlov Agent.

The good news are, while there’s a bigger work focused on publishing the one built on top of the Alexa Prize Challenge’s DREAM Socialbot, we’re also working now on a more primitive example. Stay tuned!